Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Program 青年地質保育大使
Date : 2017-03-28 To 09-01
Activity Category : Education Programmes
Date: 24th to 27th March 2017 Since last summer, three S5 Geography students had participated the 6th Young Ambassadors for Geo conservation Training Program <新創建 - 青年地質保育大使>. Out of more than 600 school teams, our students entered into the 2nd round of 80 school teams. For months of classroom training and fieldtrips, learning about geoconservation theory, geo-tourism and geo-tour leading technique, the youth ambassadors put knowledge into practice by participating in guided public tours at various geo-spots in HK, and promote geoconservation in our school. Six schools with the best performance got a chance to visit the Geo parks in Eastern Taiwan. And 3 students of us had went there for the final round of the competition. They are: 5C Yiu Cho Yi, 5E Lum Chun Tung & 5E Or Chak Kong. They had visited some tremendous geological landscape with the support from local geologists, lectures and Chairperson of Association for Geoconservation (HK), they got a better understanding towards the geological landform features, and also the management of the Geoparks. (Click here for more pictures)

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