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2017-09-12 (Tuesday)
2017-08-03 To 2018-08-03
Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2017
Congratulations to 4B Yip Pak Ming who was the World Champion in the skills competition of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 on the 2nd August 2017 in Anaheim CA, USA. US$7000 cash prize, a gold medal of achievement, trophy and winner's certificate and an XBOX one console were presented by the Certiport managment team in the award ceremony.
2017-08-02 To 2018-08-03
ACA World Championship 2017
5B Kwok Yui Chit has completed the 8-hour intensive creative competition in ACA World Championship 2017 on 31st July in Anaheim organized by CERTIPORT.
2017-07-05 (Wednesday)
2017-07-05 (Wednesday)
2017-07-05 (Wednesday)
由德育及公民教育組主辦的2016-2017年度第一屆環保時裝大賽已於二零一七年六月二十九日完滿結束,首先 多謝同學與師生的積極參與,同時,在此亦恭賀各獲獎的隊伍在比賽中有出色的設計與發揮,為整個比賽添上光彩,我們期待下一屆「2017年度第二屆環保時裝設計比賽」仍然有你們的參與及支持。
2017-07-05 (Wednesday)
Outstanding Scout Award of South Kwai Chung District
4A Chan Wai Ching has won the outstanding Scout Award of South Kwai Chung District. This certifies that he has great achievements in various Scouts activities, as well as academic achievements. The winner has to be enthusiastic in services and show strong leadership skills.
2017-07-04 (Tuesday)
President Leslie Yam Scout Cup 2017
15th South Kwai Chung Group has won the championship of President Leslie Yam Scout Cup 2017 on April 30, 2017. The members are 4A Chan Wai Ching, 4C Tsang Tsz Kiu, 4E Chan Yat Fu, 3C Wong Kai Yin, 3D Hui Lok, 2A Chan Ka Hei and 2B Leung Tsun Hin Cyrus. Our team ranked first in pioneering, first-aid, surveying, backwood and flag coding. Congratulations!
2017-06-09 (Friday)
The Term 2 Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debate
The Term 2 Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debate Competition was exciting and challenging, especially for our new S.3 debaters. Our Term 2 debaters include: Haruka Shiu 3B, Anthea Jiang 3D, Addison Lau 3D, Keith Ho 3D, Hayden Yung 4A, Wyman Tam 4B, Coco Fong 5A, Cheryl Lam 5A, Carman Ku 5A, Bonnie Chan 5A, Jerry Li 5B and Alex Li 5B. We are very proud of our debaters for their dedication and improvements made during Term 2. They debated 4 rounds this term with two wins and two losses. They look forward to next year’s debating opportunities.
2017-06-06 (Tuesday)
同學們近月埋首溫習測驗及準備期終考試,父母們一如以往,對我們悉心照料:熱騰騰的湯水、美味的佳餚,還有提神的零食,讓我們在溫習的過程中,從不感到孤單。 德育及公民教育組亦藉著一年一度的母親節,於五月十二日舉辦敬親節活動,讓同學藉著鮮花及心意卡,向至親們表達謝意。當天,德育組準備了四款花朵 - 尤如母親一樣高貴的鬱金香、表達熱情的玫瑰、溫暖人心的太陽花、還有母親節的象徵康乃馨等,讓同學親手為花朵包裝,繫上蝴蝶結,再在小小的卡片上寫滿無限的謝意。 花朵雖然輕飄飄的,但相信父母們定能感到同學們那濃濃的愛。
2017-06-02 (Friday)
Harvard Book Prize 2017
The Harvard Club of Hong Kong cordially invites all local and international schools in Hong Kong to participate in the Harvard Book Prize and Scholarship 2017. They award book prizes annually to three tudents per school, with one winner and two runners-up selected by the school itself, in order to recognize students of exceptional performance and achievement. Winning this award also makes students eligible for the Book Prize Scholarship. Three S5 students (Lam Wan So, Fong Tse Yan and Mok Ka Hei) who selected from school won Harvard Book Prize 2017 and received the certificates and books on 26th May in La Salle College. Congratulations to them!
2017-05-20 To 2018-05-20
Computer Science Challenge 2017
Congratulations to 4BYip Pak Ming and 5D Leung Ho Wai who won a merit award in Computer Science Challenge 2017 organized by Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong.
2017-05-20 (Saturday)
2017 HSMC Computing Cup
Congratulations to 4E Tang Pok Lam who was the Champion in Hang Seng Management College Computing Cup 2017 on 20th May 2017 organised by Hang Seng Management College.
2017-05-07 To 2018-01-01
2017 Microsoft Office / Adobe Creative Cloud Skills Competition
Office Application handling and Multimedia editing skills (especially Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation & Image Editing) are a MUST for nowadays people no matter at study or at work. In NSS ICT, knowing Office Application Handling Skills and Multimedia editing is also a MUST as is included in the C&A Guide. Our team registered online in January 2017. Round 1 competition was held on Saturday, 25 March 2017. The following 7 students were finalized to enter to the round 2 competition for my college. MS Word 4B Yung Dak Chun 4E Chan Yat Fu MS Excel 4B Chau Chun Kwong 5D Leung Ho Wai MS PowerPoint 4B Yip Pak Ming 4B Chan Wing Lam Photoshop 4B Kwok Yui Chit Final competition was held on Saturday, 6 May 2017. Congratulations to the following candidates who is qualified to be a MOS / ACA MOS: WORD 4B Yung Dak Chun MOS: POWERPOINT 4B Yip Pak Ming 4B Chan Wing Lam ACA: PHOTOSHOP 4B Kwok Yui Chit
2017-05-02 (Tuesday)
The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition
Big congratulations to our students Kwok Tsz Chun (S6D), Pun Oi Yi (S5E) and Lau Ka Sum (S3D) who got themselves in Top 54 out of around 2000 entries. Their art pieces were also the top 3 in Kwai Tsing district. Their arts are now on tour being exhibited. The exhibition is in Plaza Hollywood from 11-18th May 2017 and in Times Square from 22-28/5/2017. We are extremely proud of what they have achieved and we cannot wait to witness more milestones from them in the field of art in the future
2017-04-13 To 09-01
舊生私人補習 2017
2017-03-28 To 09-01
Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Program 青年地質保育大使
Date: 24th to 27th March 2017 Since last summer, three S5 Geography students had participated the 6th Young Ambassadors for Geo conservation Training Program <新創建 - 青年地質保育大使>. Out of more than 600 school teams, our students entered into the 2nd round of 80 school teams. For months of classroom training and fieldtrips, learning about geoconservation theory, geo-tourism and geo-tour leading technique, the youth ambassadors put knowledge into practice by participating in guided public tours at various geo-spots in HK, and promote geoconservation in our school. Six schools with the best performance got a chance to visit the Geo parks in Eastern Taiwan. And 3 students of us had went there for the final round of the competition. They are: 5C Yiu Cho Yi, 5E Lum Chun Tung & 5E Or Chak Kong. They had visited some tremendous geological landscape with the support from local geologists, lectures and Chairperson of Association for Geoconservation (HK), they got a better understanding towards the geological landform features, and also the management of the Geoparks. (Click here for more pictures)
2017-03-20 To 09-01
S4 Geography Fieldtrip (2016-2017)
On 13th to 15th of Mar 2017, S4 students went for a geography field camp in Cheung Chau. They had field work in both river and coastal environment. Through the on-site investigation, data collection & analysis, discussion and presentation, they got a better understanding towards the natural processes of landform features, and were able to evaluate the effectiveness of river and coastal management.
2017-03-09 To 2018-09-01
OLE day
A big thank you to the alumni for their love and generosity to the alma mater to share their career life experiences with the fellow senior form students.
2017-03-08 To 2018-09-01
Rewards for Excellence (25 Feb 2017)
Rewards for Excellence (25 Feb 2017)
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