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2017-04-25Oxfam Musical Marathon 2017

6 students in Voluntary Service Team participated in Oxfam Musical Marathon 2017 at Maritime Square on 23th April (Sunday). The activity gathered musicians of all ages to perform in public and helped to raise funds to help people around the world get out of poverty. Our school students sang a A capella song and had a great time in the performance. Thank you so much for our teacher's guidance and your donation.

(老師指導:黃力臻; 表演學生:黃天燁, 姚光俊, 莊展源, 廖心怡, 林紫恩, 何文俊)

2017-04-21Inter-School IT Elite Challenge 2017

Congratulations to

3C Lee Sze Chit

4B Kwok Yui Chit

4B Yip Pak Ming (Captain)

who were the Champions in the Inter-school IT Elite Challenge 2017 organised by The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education.

In addition, we were the best performers on the Networking activities in the challenge zone 2 managed by HKT netvigator.

Out of the 60 participating teams in the first round, my team was one of the top 3 teams.

The final round was conducted in Cyberport at 14:00 on Thursday 20 April 2017. Our team strove for the best in every event and achieved 480 scores in the end.

Ir Allen Yeung, JP, Government Chief Information Officer was the officiating guest of the ceremony. The trophy for our team was presented by him.



四月是春來大地、杜鵑花開的日子。趁著風和日麗的好時光,中文學會與歷史學會舉辦了一年一度中大文化徑導賞遊。當天,中三至中五同學在林曉蕾老師和吳艷嫦老師的帶領下,一行二十一人同遊中大文化徑。我們先乘坐小型巴士上山,在充滿中華文化色彩的新亞書院開始文化徑半天遊。我們沿路下山,途中,同學可在天人合一亭上遠眺吐露港景色,在曲徑小路上我們遇上兩座水塔,巍巍聳立的孔子塔與婀娜多姿的淑女塔遙相呼應,代表了中國文化中既有雅正古樸的風範,也不失溫婉含蓄的風雅。隨後,我們在大學圖書館前的烽火台合照,在百萬大道上看應屆畢業生拍照,在未圓湖觀賞鯉魚、在哲徑路上俯視樹影婆娑。雖然行程短暫,但能從都市生活中偶然抽離,置身於自然和文藝建築間,感受文化氣息,其樂無窮也。(中五甲班 中文學會主席方淑華撰文)

2017-03-29Speak Out – Act Up Improvised Drama Competition 2016/2017

On the 27th March, 2017, 6 specially selected English drama students (1D Thomas Chan, 2C Andy Hau, 3A Yoyo Ku, 3B Billy Lai, 3B Daniel Lau, 3B Sarah Ng) participated in the 'Speak Out-Act Up' Improvised Drama Competition at Tuen Mun Town Hall against other participating schools. The students performed an improvised skit on the topic of “It happened in Singapore”. They learnt a lot from the competition and enjoyed watching the performances of other drama students. The team was awarded with the “Audience Award”

2017-03-28Art Basel 2017

S4 and S5 VA students visited the Annual Art Basel Exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 24th March.  There are plenty of visually stunning and enticing works of art on show. The exhibition provided memorable, immersive learning experience to students and opened their eyes to the interesting contemporary art.

2017-03-20「學習如此多紛2017— IT學與教」

Congratulation to 4B Chau Chun Kwong, 4B Yip Pak Ming and 4E Tang Pok Lam who were the winners of the Outstanding Creative Award of Program Development in the senior secondary division of the captioned event organized by The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education.

‘Two circle method’is the design product for the competition. Details please refer to http://smarturl.it/2cm .

2017-03-07Exhibition of Secondary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work 2016/17

Out of thousand entries, five brilliant students' art works were selected to display in the exhibition organized by the Arts Education Section of the Education Bureau.Congratulation!

1. Wong Yi Chung 6B- merit

2. Lai Shan Shan 6B - merit

3.Pang Yik Ming 6E

4. Wing Lok Ching 6E

5. Lee Tze Yan 6B

2017-02-11Painting and calligraphy competition.

Congratulation to Wong Tze Yan 4A who was award merit in the painting and callography competition organized by an association called "紫荊盃" 兩岸四地青少年書畫大賽組委員

2017-02-11Painting and calligraphy competition

Wong Tze Yan 4A had obtained merit in the painting and callipraphy competition organized by Hong Kong Culture Association, Congratulation


2017-01-25T Shirt pattern design competition

Congratulation to 3D Lau Ka Sum who had obtained merit in the T Shirt pattern design competition organized by Agriculture, Fisheries and conservation department

2017-01-06BSTC English Debating Team of 2016-2017

The BSTC English Debating Team of 2016-2017 consist of 13 members, comprising of a Junior Team (S.3 and S.4 students) and a Senior Team (S.5 and S.6 students). They have been competing in the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition alongside 243 other secondary school teams.

In Term 1, they have competed against Shung Tak Catholic English College, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School, Ying Wa Girls’ School and YWCA Hioe Tjo Yoeng College.

They have done exceptionally well, with the Junior Team winning the district finals for the term. The debating team will be working very hard to improve their skills in further workshops at school to prepare for the Term 2 debates. 

(Bstc English website)

2016-09-07幸福走多步 - 社會專題研究比賽

由荃葵青優秀學生會舉辦的幸福走多步 - 社會專題研究比賽,本校學生5A黎梓瑩、姚淑盈、周瑩和林琿素同學奪得冠軍,他們透過是次比賽探究社會企業在香港的發展空間和困難;另外5A 陳曉筠、馮靄汶、方淑華、謝嘉敏、蔡靖雯亦能晉身是次比賽決賽。

2016-08-09Inter-school Mobile Application Development Contest (IMADC) 2016

Congratulations to 3D Yip Pak Ming, 3D Kwok Yui Chit and 3D Chau Chun Kwong who were the second runners-up in the Concept stream of the junior secondary group of the IMADC 2016 organised by Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society and Hong Kong Computer Society.
School life is the theme for the competition in 2016.
After the booth presentation of our created application MindMap on 6th August 2016 at Cyberport the arcade, the award was finalised by the organizer.

[click here for more photos]

2016-07-132016 HKDSE Performance

Name of the student


Wong Wa Kin

3 x 5** + 4x 5*

Lam Cheuk Kiu

3x 5** + 2 x 5* + 2 x 5

Yeung Pui Man

2 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 1 x 5

Wong Kang Shing

1 x 5** + 4 x 5*+ 2 x 5

Lee Tsz Ching

2 x 5** + 2x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Chow Man Yee

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 2x5 + 1 x 4

Chung Yan Kiu

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 3 x 5

Ip Ting Fung

1 x 5** + 3 x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Yu Hiu Lam

1 x 5** + 4 x 5* + 1 x 4

Wong Ka Hin

3x 5** + 3 x 4

Leung Hok Ching

1 x 5** + 2x 5* + 2 x 5 + 1 x 4

Chow Ying Tung

4x 5* + 2 x 5

Poon Pui Shan

4 x 5* + 1 x 5 + 1 x 4

Fung On Sang

3x 5* + 3 x 5

Total no. of subject score with level 4 or above                    =    648 (62.7%)

Total no. of subject score with level 3 or above                    =    941 (91.1%)

Total no. of subject score with level 2 or above                    =    1025(99.2%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in English Language    =     98 (57.3%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Chinese Language   =     104 (60.8%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Mathematics           =     120 (70.2%)

No. of students with level 4 or above in Liberal Studies        =      101 (59.1%)

No. of students fulfilled the minimum university admission requirements 33222 = 146(85.4%)

2016-07-11Computer App Programming (CAP) 2016 Competition

Congratulation to 3B Tang Pok Lam who was the second runner-up of the Apps project in the junior secondary division in CAP 2016 competition organised by Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Computer Education Association.
Google Hong Kong was the sponsor organisation in the event.
The created App named "Chem Atom" was the submitted workpiece in the inter-school competition.
Dr. Chung, Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Technology in the photo was the officiating guest of the ceremony.


2016-07-07English short film "Romeo and Juliet"

The English Club is proud to present its adaptation of one of Shakespeare's classics, "Romeo and Juliet",

to which the actors and actresses have given this classic play a modern touch.  Enjoy!





2016-03-22Justice of law? Les Misérables is the answer

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

First published in 1862 and considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th century, the story on the nature of law and grace, and the quest for redemption, has been adapted to various stage versions. Take the London production for instance.  It has run continuously since October 1985 – the longest-running musical in the West End and the second longest-running musical in the world.

Class 4B attended the performance by AFTEC at Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre on 15 March.  The live performance was followed by interactive activities between the actors and the student audience.  The delightful afternoon was concluded with rounds of applause and cheers.



由香港華都獅子會主辦、教育局及香港津貼中學議會支持的「2015年度全港中學生『我的籍貫』徵文比賽」早前圓滿結束。全港超過500間學校參與賽事,我校四位同學陳朗然、李盛坤、劉浚  及吳麗芳於一眾學界精英中脫穎而出,榮獲優異獎。是次徵文比賽籌委會主席鄭發丁博士為本校傑出校友,全力推動是次比賽,我校同學獲獎,實在意義殊深。






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